Finance Director

Full Time, NY


Founded in 2003, MKG is a women-led and operated creative agency specializing in brand action. Brand actions – including live experiences, digital, virtual, and hybrid events, employee engagements, and social impact actions – humanize brands through creative storytelling and thoughtful, purpose-driven engagement. We’re proud to be long-standing partners to brands like Google, Target, Netflix, Facebook, lululemon, Delta Air Lines, and Dos Equis.

MKG has offices in NYC and LA. Candidates are expected to live within commuting distance of either office and be present for collaborative, in-person work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

$140,000- $160,000 ***This is the minimum + maximum base salary that we, in good faith, are willing to pay at the time of the posting. Salary commensurate with experience.


  • The Finance Director is the Financial and Business Standard Bearer for the agency.
  • The subject matter expert, facilitator, enabler, mentor, and guide in the financial workings and growth of the business.
  • Areas of focus include Client Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis, and accounting and financial management & reporting.
  • Partner with the President to develop, implement and grow the agency’s business and financial strategy.
  • Planning, developing, and implementing financial strategies for increasing revenues/profitability for the company.
  • Create and maintain the agency forecast as a key tool to enable the agency’s goals and provide a runway to meet its EBITDA target
  • Partner with the President in creating and evolving annual plans; track progress and communicate shifts to plan revising objectives/ plans in accordance with current conditions
  • Create systems, tools, and process to continually improve the financial management of the agency:
  • Utilization tracking, analysis, and projecting
  • Revenue planning tracking
  • Expense planning and tracking
  • Work with team to ensure AMEX transactions are recorded and approved in a timely manner
  • Profitability – by accounts, by departments, by work type
  • Continually work to ensure efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources; reviewing business documentation/reports; monitoring and making recommendations on cost-saving measures and places to invest.


Financial Management and Reporting:

Create and manage systems and processes to effectively manage and advise agency leaders on all financial elements of the business.

On-going/As needed:

  • Client Contract Review and negotiations
  • Work closely with Production and Biz Dev teams on pricing projects for optimal project profitability
  • Freelancer pricing negotiations – in partnership with DOP
  • Ensure travel plans are within client policies and expense budget
  • Departmental Process and System review and implementation
  • Commission management.

Weekly Duties:

  • Revenue Summary/Detail (Pipeline)
  • Review and ensure timely Billing
  • A/R aging and collections
  • Review Departmental Resource Utilization and forecast
  • Review Salary Planning File / Departmental To Go Analysis
  • Review, analyze, and approve Freelancer Needs and process all freelance invoices
  • Weekly Meeting with the Production Director to discuss project, needs, and issues
  • Generation of Utilization report now and going forward
  • Accounts Payable (Checks, Wire Transfer Review and Approval), weekly.

Monthly Duties:

  • Prepare Forward-looking Cash Flows that include Billing and Cost of Good Sold for a roll forward 12-month period.
  • Accounting Close Schedule review with ACC
  • Review and submit Actual Results vs Prior Year and vs Budget
  • Monthly Business Review with ACC using the Corporate Consolidation Schedules
  • Balance Sheet review with ACC
  • Departmental T&E To Go Analysis
  • Review Client Profitability
  • When necessary, prepare and review Client Fee and hours Reconciliations.

Annually Duties:

  • Support ACC for any Audit requests for the Year End Audit.
  • Detail Forward Plan for the calendar year and update 5 year forecast.

Financial Liaison & Partner with ACC and Sister Agencies:

  • The Finance Director will have the greatest volume and frequency of communications with ACC.
  • The strength of this relationship, therefore, will set the tone for how the agency and ACC work and grow together.
  • Likewise, with integration and collaboration as a founding principle of ACC, the Finance Director will also have a critical relationship with each of the ACC agencies.
  • Working with a holding company and with different agencies is difficult and requires exceptional emotional intelligence, adaptability and subject matter expertise.

Working With ACC:

  • Help create, evolve, and then manage the financial reporting that first improves the operation of the agency, second, enables ever-increasing analysis, insights and enhancement of financial and business management, and thirdly, informs how the holding company can increasingly help the agency improve and grow.
  • Timely reporting to ACC within timelines and determined schedules/formats.

Working With Sister Agencies:

  • There will be significant opportunities for the agencies within the community to work together – especially in winning and growing business with clients.
  • How each agency allocates resources to these cross-ACC opportunities will be critical.
  • The Finance Director will play a key role in informing and managing these cross-agency investments.

Growth and Innovation Enabler:

  • The effective investment and management of resources will enable the agency to grow, both with new business and with innovation.
  • The Finance Director plays an instrumental role in informing this allocation of resources.
  • Optimally plan and allocate resource and out of pocket funding for business development and marketing efforts
  • Inform and enable new business pitch packages.
  • Review and improve client contracts and negotiations
  • Review and Prepare Pricing (SOW/Staffing Plans)