Associate Producer

Full Time, LA


Founded in 2003, MKG is a women-led creative agency specializing in brand action. Brand actions – including live experiences, digital, virtual, and hybrid events, employee engagements, and social impact actions – humanize brands through creative storytelling and thoughtful, purpose-driven engagement. We’re proud to be long-standing partners to brands like Google, Target, Netflix, Meta, HBO, Delta Air Lines, and Dos Equis and have offices in NYC and LA.


MKG, with offices in NYC and LA, is thrilled to announce an opportunity for an Associate Producer to join our team in the LA office.

The Associate Producer will play a key role in advancing their basic production skills and mastering MKG’s processes. The ideal candidate should possess a genuine eagerness to dive into a dynamic environment, learn rapidly, and execute programs from initiation to completion. Candidates will support Lead Producers on large scale projects or will own and lead smaller scale projects.

Candidates are expected to reside within commuting distance of either office and be available for in-person collaboration on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Salary Range: $65K-$82K
***This is the minimum + maximum base salary that we, in good faith, are willing to pay at the time of the posting. Salary commensurate with experience.



  • Follow day-to-day direction from the Manager or Lead Producer on a project and support the Project Lead as the right-hand to production needs.
  • Manage key vendor relationships and project details (rentals, uniforms, catering, etc.), serving as the primary liaison between vendors and the agency and as the secondary point of contact for clients.
  • Create and organize project folders on the drive, alerting the Lead Producer when internal documentation is available for population.
  • Contribute to creative and project summary decks, internal & client agendas, note-taking, and track expenses, receipts, and invoices.
  • Handle meeting and call invites, obtain Certificates of Insurance (COIs) & worker’s comp, order event elements, create production booklets and BA training manuals, book travel for staff, and coordinate crew meals.
  • Track timelines, create production schedules, and manage on-site staff, including overseeing Interns and fostering their growth.
  • Manage the internal project team, meeting client needs, delivering projects on budget & on-time, and overseeing the overall project from conception to load-out.
  • Oversee all vendor communications on the project (scenic, rentals, uniforms, etc.) and ensure timely orders and deliveries.
  • Assist design and lead communications from a production standpoint regarding the coordination of project logistics with vendors, covering shipping and storage, inventory, and manifest tracking, and post-event life plan.
  • Oversee smaller scale projects and teams in various stages of the project lifecycle.


  • Create, manage, and regularly update internal task grids and internal/external notes for your project, scheduling meetings with Producers to provide project updates.
  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency to your project team, vendors, and clients when tasks need timely completion, using proactive, solution-based thinking for all arising problems.
  • Collaborate with your Producer on the best balance of management.
  • Establish relationships across the agency and departmental team members.
  • Own pre-production and management of onsite elements/logistics, as well as proactive management of post-life processes with clients and the team.
  • Organize and participate in brainstorms and debriefs.
  • Lead smaller scale projects as project lead – depending on skill set may require oversight from a producer or SP.
  • Create, manage, and reconcile smaller scale project budgets.
  • Demonstrate the ability to anticipate next steps/consequences and regularly develop “plan B” solutions.
  • Demonstrate understanding of staffing analysis, profit goals, and an introduction to the “art” of budget management.
  • Exhibit increased confidence and poise when presenting to or in the presence of clients.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • 3-4 years of similar experience.
  • Ability to complete tasks and manage projects with reduced supervision.
  • Capability to work on multiple projects simultaneously during different lifecycle stages.
  • Skills and temperament to manage larger/complex project elements.
  • Experience in Google Suite.
  • Increased leadership/ownership of projects and onsite team.
  • Ability to manage and delegate to PAs and/or interns.
  • Understanding of project team roles and responsibilities, authoring the first draft for manager review.
  • Understanding of client’s brand goals within the experiential marketing landscape.
  • Comprehension of agency processes, departmental roles and responsibilities, and overall workflow.
  • Comprehension of project/client priorities and KPIs.
  • Collected and diplomatic communication with clients, partners, and vendors in all situations.