HBOMAX — The Flight Attendant

The Pre-Flight Lounge
With two years without a Coachella, festival fans were hyped about getting back to the fun, the performances, and the parties. Little did they anticipate that the hottest party would be an alcohol-free, health & wellness event.

We worked with HBO Max to promote season 2 of its hit series The Flight Attendant by hosting The Preflight Lounge: a refuge from the Coachella music festival where guests could relax and recharge, ready to come back strong for the next day of music and parties.

We built out a compelling and immersive experience that brought to life themes from Season 2 like wellness, mental health, and sobriety. By creating organic moments that highlighted various elements of the show’s IP, we were able to cut through the boozy noise at Coachella and excite guests.